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Our Founders

Kathleen and Jeremy started Jery Crate in college. By using Jery Crate, care packages are made in a matter of minutes. No going to the post office or the store required! Now these two college graduates continue to sell college care packages and make it easy to choose everything you want and nothing that you don't. Don't like candy? Don't put them in your care package... You get to pick and choose!

Artfully designed college care packages with free shipping.

Bulk Orders

Shipping out care packages to hundreds of addresses is stressful. Jery Crate makes it easy. We take care of the shipping labels for you. Head to our bulk order calculator to figure out how much it would cost to send your employees goodies!

Build Your Own Care Package

Pre-made care packages have too much junk you didn't ask for. No fluff- just the snacks you know your loved ones like.

Custom care package
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Try our bulk order tool

Jery Crate makes bulk orders easy for you. Use our tool to obtain an instant quote and submit it to us. We will pack and ship the care packages for you so you don't have to. Try our tool.

Why send a care package online?

Avoid the post office and build your own care package online - hassle free! Jerycrate offers free shipping, free personalized notes, and is universally loved by college students. Skip the lines at the post office and send a custom-built care package! Jery Crate is an online custom care package company where you build your own care package with personalized snacks and notes. Check out our corporate care package calculator to submit your request for corporate care package orders.