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No trick-or-treating this year?

According to the CDC trick-or-treating is considered a high risk activity for Halloween. Each parent has to make the hard decision and decide if they are going to allow their kid(s) to trick or treat. 

Some alternatives would be:

-pumpkin carving

-decorating your home

-buying a Halloween care package ...from Jerycrate of course ;)

-Halloween movie night

Our children's Halloween kit here

Kid's Halloween Favorites

Iowa State University College Care Packages

A little about us

We started Jerycrate with a vision of changing the way parents send care packages to their college students. As recent college graduates ourselves, we have both received care packages ourselves within the last few years, and they were very mediocre! Our parents purchased care packages through the university that turned out to be boring and contained hardly anything we wanted. We started Jerycrate to give parents the option to build their own care package and choose exactly what they want, and avoid the boring stuff. 

Custom care package

Custom care packages just for you

The Jerycrate build a care package feature lets you customize a care package just the way you want it. Send a care package you designed  from your phone. Build a care package  

Happy Reviews

Well I can't believe it is here, but we are in the process of dropping Elsa back off at college. It has been with mixed emotions for sure! I have loved having her home for the last almost 6 months, but I am so excited for her to have her college life back :)

This also means that it is time for care packages! Here's the deal, I love putting together care packages, but it can become quite time consuming and costly and this is where Jerycrate comes in to make it a little bit easier!

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Coffee & Cannoli

Why send a care package online?

Avoid the post office and build your own care package online - hassle free! Jerycrate offers free shipping, free personalized notes, and is universally loved by college students. Now featuring Halloween Care Packages

Artfully designed college care packages with free shipping.

Why choose Jerycrate?

Jerycrate is the only online custom care package service who offers free shipping ($35+) and the ability to build your own care package. Jerycrate is perfect for custom college care packages, and we will make right any problems with your order, just give us a holler! 

Build a care package now

How to send a care package online with Jerycrate

Jerycrate makes it easy to send a care package to anyone from the comfort of your own home by just following these three steps:

 1. Navigate to build a care package

2. Add anything you want!

3. Write a personalized note and checkout

College care packages with everything from snacks to makeup bags.

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